Cat Fight! Women’s soccer needs more vicious ponytail pulling (with video)

Ollie Irish

6th, November 2009


I call it women’s soccer because it happened in the States, but anyway you have to check out how brutal this game was:

Yes, you’re thinking what I’m thinking: awesome.

If this happened more often in the women’s game, I’d be all over it. And compared to some of the play-acting pussies in the men’s game – Herita Ilunga, here’s looking at you – these women know how to take a sucker punch.

That ponytail tug is straight-up vicious, like an air hostess pulling on a life-jacket cord – New Mexico’s Elizabeth Lambert is like the Chopper Harris of the women’s game, but more catty. (Can someone please try that on Andriy Voronin – if he ever plays football again, that is.)

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