Spain Only Manage Draw With Costa Rica, Surely It’s Time For La Roja To Rebuild?

Alan Duffy

16th, November 2011


By Alan Duffy

Spain are in meltdown! Del Bosque out! Well, not really. Although you wouldn’t put that kind of reaction past the UK tabloids if it were England.

The world champions found themselves two goals down in their friendly in Costa Rica, with Arsenal striker Joel Campbell, currently on loan in France, netting a superb second. However, unlike their performance at Wembley, the Spaniards managed to conjure up some end product to all that tippy-tappiness,

Eventually the two diminutive Davids, Silva and Villa, restored some pride for La Roja, with the game ending 2-2.

Check out the highlights below and laugh at Iker Casillas’ howler for the first goal and also the bizarre use of morse code on the soundtrack when a goal is scored.

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  1. Veej says:

    Watch the clip at 4:15, David Villa wipes his sweat off of his have on Torres back! Class…

  2. Veej says:

    *have= face
    real bad typo, sorry!

  3. Hasselhof says:

    I know it’s too early to say, as a couple of mediocre performances are bound to happen even to the best, but possible el classico riff’s finally taking hold in the dressing room? That bad blood has to spill over somewhere, right?

  4. Jack says:

    I’m not many teams would be at the top of their game after traveling to Costa Rica a few hours after playing England nearly half way through the season.

  5. Tom Jones says:

    @Jack If you lose your form or fitness because of a flight you are a weakling.

  6. dc says:

    @Tom Jones,

    you’ve clearly never traveled in any other way than the train that takes you back to the green green grass of home, you sex bomb. Being jet lagged: it’s not unusual…

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