Sam Allardyce’s West Ham Future Thrown Into Doubt Once Again After Owner David Gold Drops Massive Clanger On Twitter

Chris Wright

29th, July 2014


By Chris Wright

Soccer - Sam Allardyce File Photo

New strain has been placed on the already rickety relationship between West Ham boss Sam Allardyce and the club’s higher-ups after co-owner David Gold dropped a hefty old clanger on Twitter yesterday.

Gold publicly “favourited” (i.e, saved for posterity) the following Tweet, directed at him by a disgruntled Hammers fan…


BFS standing for “Big Fat Sam”, of course.

As the Daily Telegraph are reporting, Gold unfavourited the tweet earlier this (Tuesday) morning, but nothing ever disappears from the internet entirely, and the intrepid fellows over at Eurosport managed to snaffle a screenshot of the Tweet in Gold’s favourites list before he erased it…


Once again according to the Telegraph, a source close to Allardyce has confirmed that the West Ham manager is aware of Gold’s gaffe and is “stunned, surprised and shocked” (the holy trinity) at the disrespect being shown to him.

We should bloody well coco. Can you imagine the furore that would’ve erupted had Allardyce favourited a disparaging Tweet about West Ham’s seedy owners?

Safe to say he’d be out on his regally-proportioned posterior by now.

UPDATE: It was jet-lag’s fault…


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  1. Everton says:

    Truly disrespectfull and very unproffesional from Mr.Gold.What you see is what you get with Uncle Sam.When you need a motivator/brawler for a promotion push/relegation scrap or you’re pushing for a solid 10 to 8 finish in the league,he’s the go-to man.Unfortunately,this niche Uncle Sam has cut out for himself has become like an albatross around his neck.When he’s expected to deliver greater things after his exploits,Uncle Sam nears the end of his bag-o tricks.I would like to have seen what he could have done with 100 million pounds.Still,i have nothing but Love and Respect for Uncle Sam.He deserves better.

  2. Jeremia says:

    Hm, ‘jet lagged’, what a fresh way to say: ‘my mate got to my computer when I was popped out to the loo’.

  3. Jarren says:

    “I am so tired that I think I agree with this statement that I disagree with”

    Damn you, jetlag, and your mind altering ways.

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