‘I Would Never Insult A Jewish Person’ – Wigan Owner Dave Whelan Apologises For Spectacularly Crass Comments

Chris Wright

21st, November 2014


By Chris Wright

Soccer - Sky Bet Championship - Wigan Athletic Press Conference - DW Stadium

We think it’s fair to say that Wigan Athletic are having a bit of a shocker at the moment.

Not only have the Latics seen one of their shirt sponsors pull out after hiring Malky Mackay while the Scot is still under investigation for alleged racism over “Gay Snake-gate”, but owner Dave Whelan also went ON THE RECORD in an interview with The Guardian yesterday to call all Jewish people greedy.

Asked if he deemed Mackay’s comment about Jewish football agent Phil Smith (“Nothing like a Jew that sees money slipping through his fingers.”) was offensive, Whelan defended his new manager – arguing that his comment wasn’t offensive as Jews do love money, just like everybody else loves money.

“Jewish people chase money more than everybody else,” Whelan blathered.

“The Jews don’t like losing money. Nobody likes losing money.

“It’s telling the truth. Jewish people love money, English people love money; we all love money.”


After it was flagged up by the rest of the entire world that Whelan’s comments were a little on the spectacularly crass side, the 77-year-old issued an apology.

“If I have upset one person, I apologise,” he later told BBC Sport’s David Ornstein.

“All I was trying to say was that Jewish people are very similar to the English people in the desire to work hard and get money.

“I didn’t think I did anything wrong in that.”


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  1. porcelain sandwich says:

    Why does he think English people and Jewish people are two separate entities? God knows what he’d say if he ever met an English jew.

  2. Boston East says:

    Hey, porcelain pie, why so uptight. These low life journalists and reporters are putting everything out of context and proportion. All of us wont be able to say anything without fear of offending someone or other soon. That includes you luv, taking the lords name in vain…

  3. porcelain sandwich says:

    Boston East, I assume you’ve seen Dave’s follow up where he said he sees no problem calling a Chinese person a ‘chink’ and I trust by your previous comment that you’re one of the morons that agree with him. I had no idea how out of touch people are with this stuff.

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