THE VOTE The Premiership relegation puzzle – who do you want to go down?

Ollie Irish

11th, May 2007


gallery5.jpgSo which team out of Wigan, West Ham and Sheffield Utd do you want to go down? I’d have to say Wigan – non-Latics fans, would you really miss them? They get feeble crowds, play pretty unattractive football (not all the time, I hasten to add) and generally don’t add that much to the Premiership – although I do have a lot of time for Paul Jewell. Wigan fans will obviously think I’m talking shit (they’d be wrong).
Whereas I’d be quite happy for West Ham and Sheffield Utd to stay up. The Hammers are endlessly entertaining – not so much on the pitch but as a club in general – and I’ve warmed to Neil Warnock this season and the Blades have some great fans. So, Wigan, you are the weakest link – goodbye.

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  1. Col says:

    I agree with the points raised, but i still want West Ham to go down. They broke the rules and they fired a perfectly good manager.
    Wigan may not get the attendancies or play the best football, but they have a decent manager and a decent chairman. They need a push with the people of Wigan realising that Rugby is sh*t. Plus i think they are a good team to have in the league just because of the way they play.

  2. Dom says:

    If the shoe was on the other foot and Wigan or Sheff United had fielded those players, they’d have lost points. London clubs are worth more to the Premier League, West Ham will probably stay up and there’s nothing the other clubs can do about it. That’s life, I suppose.

  3. gamblegamble says:

    i dont like Jewell, the big chav. And for us Wolves fans Henri Camara won’t get relegated enough (think this’d be his 3rd time in 4 seasons). They don’t belong in the prem. and its a rugby town. They should make way for one of the genuine big clubs waiting to get in via the play-offs.

  4. Mike says:

    I voted Sheffield United because I can’t stand Warnock.

  5. Sam says:

    Was going to say the same as Mike!
    Don’t like Sheffield United in general… they play like Bolton (long ball, hard tackles, lack of finesse) and Neil Warnock leaves my nose hairs quivering in anger every time he opens his big mouth.
    Wigan were the old Reading, so I’ve still got affinity for the way they play and I’m not fussed about West Ham.
    Please fluff it up United, please!

  6. Sheps says:

    Definitely want Sheff Utd to go down – a bunch of pikies right up to the manager. They have contributed no entertainment whatsoever to the league, save two good goals (Jagielka strike at start, Kazim-Richards curler at xmas) and an amusing defeat of Arsenal. And their goalkeeper, whose name I cannot bring myself to type, is the most despicible individual in the game of football.
    I really want West Ham to stay up. They’re playing so well at the moment – would be in a CL spot on form – and they always contribute so much to English football (look at ’66 team or current crop of: J Cole, Carrick, Ferdinand, Defoe, Lampard and others).
    I am indifferent about Wigan – I wouldn’t miss them, mainly because their attendances are so low and another team would make use of the premiership status more effectively.

  7. kj says:

    West Ham, surely. I’m a Norwich supporter, so I want to see Dean A$hton and Robert Green get relegated.

  8. Joe says:

    Sheffield U, cos Warnock is a Holloway-wannabe twat and they play terrible football.

  9. bryn says:

    please let the piggies go down (sheff utd).
    nobody likes Paddy ‘I ate all the pies’ Kenny.
    the premiership would be a better place without Neil Warnock and the rest of them.
    it will also be funny to see their average attendances drop back down from 30,000 – 32,000 to 20,000 – 22,000 like it was last season without the likes of drogba and rooney to watch.