THE VOTE Would you rather buy Jason Koumas or this luxury Mayfair penthouse?


11th, July 2007

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Koumas.jpgMayfair.jpgThe UK property market has been overinflated for some time now. The football transfer market seemed to have calmed down a bit. Until now that is. Wigan have spent £5.3 million on the living football legend that is Jason Koumas. For that money you could buy a luxury four-bedroom penthouse apartment in Mayfair and still have enough change for a decent motor. Why would you spend that much on Jason Koumas?!! So Pies is asking, would you rather spend your money on Koumas or the flat?

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1 Comment

  1. chringle says:

    this transfer baffled me. Koumas, desperate for premiership football, signs for a team that is surely going to be relegated next season. Any team that is relying on Heskey and Sibierski for goals is as good as down in my opinion.
    And where did all this Koumas hype come from anyway? I remember him being distinctly average.