Five reasons why Emile Heskey should partner Owen for England


6th, September 2007


76498660.jpgAccording to his Wigan teammate, Chris Kirkland – Emile Heskey is ‘England’s Didier Drogba’. And that doesn’t mean he’s a big man who spends more time on the floor than on the ball.
Heskey has been an easy scapegoat in the past but real football fans recognise that there’s more to his game than just scoring goals – a third of you voted for him to start for England in our recent poll.
With injuries and suspensions limiting the strikeforce before our do-or-die Euro qualifiers, the man with the buffalo build and Bambi’s persona, has been called back in from the international wilderness.
Here’s why we think that big Emile should start on Saturday. Care to agree or disagree?

Size matters
With Crouch suspended we haven’t really got a big man upfront – leaving the less than intimidating sight of Owen and Johnson/Defoe scurrying around ankles like Hobbits on speed. Heskey gives the team an option they don’t have.
Good double act
He’s apparently Michael Owen’s choice to play the supporting role in McLaren’s preferred little and large partnership. Heskey is custom built to compliment Owen – holding up balls and putting England’s pocket rocket through with flicks and headers. And, their impressive international record together proves it.
Been there, done that
Despite being shunned since Euro 2004, Heskey is the proud owner of 43 England caps. He’s played in big tournaments and decisive games before so should be able to handle the pressure more than inexperienced players like Johnson or Smith.
Who else have we got?
Rooney’s injured. Crouch is suspended. Johnson hasn’t scored this season. Defoe is a Spurs substitute. And Alan Smith isn’t sure of his best position. Next?
Don’t call it a comeback
Heskey probably has more to prove than most and if he can find his confidence early then he can be power and grace personified – think of a wrestler wearing a tutu. And, everyone likes a comeback story don’t they?

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  1. m4re says:

    Given the options available, i think Heskey would compliment Owen well, let’s not forget he’s in form which is what got him recalled in the first place. I prefer Andy Johnson to any of them but he’d make a bad pairing with Owen and I’m not sure who to put with AJ up front if he replaced MO.

  2. Joe says:

    I’m surprised the likes of Derbyshire, Anichebe or Agbonlahor aren’t even considered when all play well for their clubs and seem cool enough in front of goal. You might argue that they’re too young for the team, but Wayne Rooney was a whole lot younger and still playing well (better than now, at least for England) at his debut.

  3. SteelScouser says:

    Good point Joe. I think Agbonlahor and Derbyshire are definitely worthy of being considered. Unfortunately, bad point in calling out Anichebe. He’s already decided to play for Nigeria. Would be nice to have him though.
    However, there is another solution to this problem:
    If Hargreaves isn’t healthy and can’t go, then I don’t think this formation works. Otherwise, I like repairing “Huskey” and Owen

  4. Anna says:

    ‘England’s Didier Drogba’ – exaggeration of the century, y/n?

  5. Col says:

    SteelScouser, you’ve left Stevie “England will fail without me” Gerrard out of your line up… He would be in place of David “Blackburn who?” Bentley. Heskey is in form. Owen isn’t exactly on fire though.