Dumb football: Paul Scharner’s minimum fee release clause

Ollie Irish

4th, August 2008


schaRNER paul.jpg
Paul Scharner is a fairly happy chappy. So happy, in fact, that he has just put pen to paper on a new two-year deal at Wigan Athletic. But niggling away at the back of the big Austrian’s mind is the idea that there is something bigger out there for him: that there is more to life than popping up with the occasional goal for the Latics.
These delusions of grandeur have led to Mr S insisting on a £6 million get-out clause in his new contract. Apparently this is to ensure that he gets his big move if a top club comes a knocking. While minimum fee release clauses are becoming increasingly common, I would be shocked if a top club wanted Scharner, and absolutely flabbergasted if they were prepared to pay £6 million for his services. What next? Dean Windass with a £20 million clause in case he catches Real Madrid’s eye?