Wolverhampton Wanderers launch Rocket League esports team

Ollie Irish

5th, November 2020

It’s football, Jim, but not as we know it

Wolves are the first Premier League club to enter gaming’s Rocket League championship. The club already has esports rosters for FIFA, PUBG, Identity V and Pop Kart Racing.

Football clubs are increasingly investing in esports as a marketing strategy to reach a younger audience. Barcelona also has a Rocket League team, as does David Beckham’s Guild Esports organisation.

This is all a long way from the days of Billy Wright, or even Steve Bull, and whilst older supporters may scoff at a football club signing up a bunch of pale gamers, Wolves are being smarter than many of their rivals. Loyalty is a commodity these days, and there are plenty of young fans out there who won’t hesitate to switch allegiance to a cooler, more successful club.

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