‘Mindless Idiots’ – Mick McCarthy Hits Out At Wolves Fans Calling For His Resignation

Alan Duffy

25th, October 2011


By Alan Duffy

A prime exponent of that northern penchant for speaking bluntly, Wolves boss Mick McCarthy has decided to have a pop at the fans who were calling for him to be given the boot at half-time in Saturday’s game against Swansea.

In the second-half, Wolves came back to secure a precious point against the Swans but McCarthy was still irked by a section of supporters during the game.

“Let me clear something up, it doesn’t help. Let’s not give any of the dissenting voices, the mindless idiots that do it, any credit, ” said the former Ireland international. “I almost think some turn up hoping it is going to be that way so they can have their whinge and get shot of the manager.”

“They are not going to get shot of the chairman or the players, so it’s a case of, ‘Let’s give it to the gaffer'”, he continued.

“I’ve done a great job here. I came five years ago, there were only 10 players here and just a million quid to spend. Five years on, we are in our third year in the Premier League and building the new stadium – but we are having a tough time.”

“Come on, give the lads a bit of support. Don’t be giving us aggravation. I think they have short memories.”

However, McCarthy did thank the fans who had given him messages of support. “But  I’ve also had unbelievable support this week, from the players, everyone at the club, and from fans writing and emailing in. There is solidarity there, ” he said.

You can see his press conference here.

Still, are fans who pay good money for their tickets entitled to boo players and managers if they see fit? Or should they show their club a bit more respect?



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  1. gamblino says:

    They scraped a draw in spite of him on saturday not because of him. Fact. If he wasn’t always so arrogant in response to the fans he’d get an easier deal. The more vocal fans are never gonna be the brightest but they’ve paid to watch the fucking clueless shower of shite he put out on saturday. He can grumble all the way to the bank.

  2. :) says:

    in the case of wolves i wouldn’t be booing mccarthy. he’s right – he’s done a lot for this club and sacking him would probably start a revolving door at the club (which i can tell you is no good as a west ham fan). stick it through the thick and the thin!

  3. Stewart says:

    The whining would carry more weight if you also heard a few managers saying, ‘I know we won 3-0 but it had absolutely NOTHING to do with me. It’s the chairman, the players and the supporters that did it. I wish those mindless idiots would stop heaping me with praise.’

    Fat Sam is the very best in the credit himself when it’s going well department.

    ‘The striker scored a nice goal Sam?’
    ‘Did you see me bring him on as a sub? That was me that was.’

  4. Mr. Sparkle says:

    Making funs at Wolverhampton, isn’t he.

  5. Mr. Sparkle says:

    I meant friends. I don’t know where funs came from?

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