Modern Football Is Rubbish: FA Issue Three-Week Suspension To Referee Who Forgot Coin And Used ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ To Determine Kick-Off

Chris Wright

14th, November 2018

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The FA have suspended a referee from active duty for their heinous felony of using ‘rock, paper, scissors’ to decide which team were kicking-off.

David McNamara has been hit with a 21-day ban for flaunting the laws of the game ahead of the recent Women’s Super League clash between Man City and Reading on 26th October.

Realising he’d accidentally left his coin in the dressing room, McNamara had captains Steph Houghton and Kirsty Pearce compete for kick-off with an impromptu rochambeau.

However, The FA did not taken kindly to the official’s flagrant disregard of the ancient and sacred coin toss ritual and duly charged him with ‘not acting in the best interests of the game’.

McNamara accepted the charge and will therefore be suspended for three weeks, barring an appeal, until 17th December.

Speaking to The Times, Joanna Stimpson, The FA women’s refereeing manager, described the incident as a “moment of madness”:

The referee forgot his coin and in that moment, in a TV game, he was really pushed for time.

He should have been more prepared, he should have had a coin. It was disappointing, it’s not appropriate, it’s very unprofessional.

Which, of course, is exactly as proportionate and warranted a reaction as we’ve come to expect from The FA.

Well done to all involved. Yet more entirely admirable upholding of the game’s founding principles.

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