Wayne Rooney’s World Cup Spotify Playlist Is About As Dismal As You’d Imagine…

By Chris Wright

South Africa England Soccer WCup

Wayne Rooney has shared the Spotify playlist he has assembled for his imminent trip to Brazil, and it’s just about as dismal as you’d imagine – though, admittedly, it doesn’t feature quite as much of the vacant R&B and hip-hop slurry that is so ubiquitously loved by footballers as we imagined it would.

In case you’re wondering: yep, The Stereophonics have made it on there.

It’s all pretty naff (WARNING: Features traces of James Blunt and *gip* Mumford & Sons)…


Ian Harte, now there was a footballer with a proper record collection…


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  1. Adam says:

    Pretty naff? Just your opinion really isn’t it. Jake Bugg is one of the best talents to come from our country for a long time (you don’t get compared regularly to Bob Dylan for nothing), same goes for Mumford and Passenger.. they’re upholding values that are too little appreciated in modern music, like playing real music with instruments and writing their own lyrics.. I guess I could go on but probably nobody cares :)

  2. sirreg says:

    @Adam: Mentioning Jake Bugg and Bob Dylan in together in a sentence that is essentially meant to enhance Mr Bugg’s credibility as an artist, and by extension your argument and supposed musical knowledge, only proves to show how little you know about what you call “real music”. Nob end. (All opinions are my own).

  3. Dave says:

    Literally the only reason you’ve single this playlist out for criticism is because Wayne Rooney chose it… The sainted Andrea Pirlo would be lauded on here for his choice…

    It’s not actually got any so-called “vacant hip hop or R&B”, rather its full of some quite meaningful songs.

    Dismal? Naff? No the music isn’t, its soulful and by grammy winning artists, but this article and the moron who wrote it certainly are.

  4. sirreg says:

    No, this playlist is definitely naff.

  5. Adam number twi says:

    This music is rather naff indeed – particularly bland, a sincere lack of adrenaline-inducing tracks you’d hope for just before the biggest tournament of your life. Well said Chris!

  6. matty says:

    fuck off you two, it’s a load of shite!

    Now Stuart Pierce was a man with fine taste in music…

  7. Dave says:

    Intrigued to see what you think would not be a load of shite, One Direction? Justin Bieber? Little Mix? Maybe you’re more into death metal…

  8. JoeT says:

    Shit article

  9. Alex says:

    To Adam and Dave, nah the music on it is pretty dire.

  10. B13 via Blendon says:

    Sharticle. Good new term.

  11. Tom the bees fan says:

    shit commenters

  12. Gamblino says:

    Of course it’s a load of shite you bland fucks! Bore off!

  13. stoffel says:

    Adam and Dave, when you get a bit older you’ll hopefully learn that there’s more to music than the ‘flavour of the week’ you hear in the charts.

    Daniel Sturridge on the other hand has his own excellent song to accompany his funny little dance. Google ‘daniel sturridge jmc’ to hear it (I can’t post links)

  14. OnlyPaul says:

    Wayne knows of Lupe Fiasco, awesome.

  15. Mike says:

    “I think the Grammys are nothing more than some gigantic promotional machine for the music industry. They cater to a low intellect and they feed the masses. They don’t honor the arts or the artist for what he created. It’s the music business celebrating itself. That’s basically what it’s all about”. -Maynard James Keenan

    • SpursCroat says:

      Perfect quote you’ve summoned for this thread Mike, cheers!
      Additionally, Carles Puyol’s playlist and taste in music is world class: speed,death, and thrash metal!

  16. Mike says:

    Also Dave, your opinion on this article and it’s author are just as subjective as music itself. I hope you realize.

  17. Fat Nakago says:

    As for me….I HATE music! It’s got too many notes!!

  18. Jarren says:

    Fuck that! Here’s my World Cup playlist:

    1. The Prodigy – Music Reach (1/2/3/4)
    2. The Buzzcocks – Promises
    3. X-Ecutioners – It’s Going Down
    4. The Streets – Geezers Need Excitement
    5. Dream Frequency – Take Me
    6. White Lies – Getting Even
    7. System F – Out Of The Blue
    8. Astrud Gilberto – Windy

  19. Adam says:

    @stoffel please don’t patronise me. Im 27 years old and a singer song writer myself so don’t tell me I don’t know music. Just because I like a few of the artists in the charts (never used to, but I love folk rock and it seems to have become pretty popular) these days doesn’t mean I am lazy and don’t look for music myself. So don’t just assume things alright? Like music??? Try this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltV7dNxuYeY

  20. Mr Sensible says:

    “you don’t get compared regularly to Bob Dylan for nothing”


    Yes, it is indeed in incredibly bland selection but would anyone expect anything else from Rooney?

  21. Buggerinell says:

    This playlist explains some of his England performances actually.

  22. Juan says:

    Wayne’s listening to Ed Sheeran surely explains his pointless wandering about the field.

  23. PetrovskyKSC says:

    didn’t anyone fucking notice legendary christy moore album in the harte photo? utterly fantastic irish folk music.

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