ITV World Cup Studio Pelted With Rocks Throughout Opening Game, Adrian Chiles Punchlines Write Themselves

Chris Wright

13th, June 2014


By Chris Wright


Now there’s only so much stuttering Chileswaffle™ we can take, but it seems that the people of Brazil have even lower thresholds than Pies as the ITV studio above Copacabana beach was mercilessly pelted throughout last night’s broadcast once night had fallen in Rio as disgruntled locals hurled bricks, stones and bottles at Adrian and his pundits – perhaps in a desperate attempt to root out Andy Townsend and squirt expanding foam filler down his gullet.

Not good.

Turns out football agent Clive Hart was in close vicinity when it all kicked off, Tweeting:

Very nearly, you say? Again, the punchlines write themselves.

(Via ITV Football)

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  1. Straight Dave says:

    ‘Disappointing end to the night’.. does that mean disappointing that Brazilians were acting that way, or that the bottle only ‘very nearly’ hit Chiles?

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