‘The End’ – MARCA’s Front Page Coverage Of Spain’s World Cup Exit Is Particularly Solemn (Photo)

Chris Wright

19th, June 2014

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By Chris Wright

Following in the wake of their almost funereal blacked-out front page after Spain’s opening World Cup trouncing at the hands of Holland, today’s MARCA cover is even more sombre – Andres Iniesta cutting a lonely figure as the headline solemnly decrees: “THE END, the lamentable end to the glorious period of La Roja”…


Crikey. Where’s Jim Morrison when you need him?

The front page of today’s AS ploughs a similar furrow, exclaiming that “It was nice while it lasted” before going on to describe Spain’s prematurely jettisoning from the World Cup as both “horrible and vulgar”…



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1 Comment

  1. Joe says:

    I’m sorta glad that this Spanish side have come to their end. They were boring to watch for the nuetral. Having said that, I’m a fan of Tiki- er sorry, I mean passing – football when their is a figurehead in the team to focus the attack on, or even attempt – god forbid – to dribble past defenders (see Barca 2008 -2013).

    I don’t think this’ll be the end for Spain, or even that style of football. Bu there is much to be pondered about the right conditions for quick, passing football. Winter in South Africa, Champions League evenings, nights in Poland & Ukraine – perfect. Midday in the Amazon, not so much.

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