David Luiz Consoles Teary-Eyed James Rodriguez After Knocking Him Out Of The World Cup (Photo & GIF)

Chris Wright

4th, July 2014


By Chris Wright

Lovely scene after the final whistle in Fortaleza tonight as Brazilian hero David Luiz consoles his Colombian counterpart James Rodriguez after knocking him and his compatriots out of the World Cup…

Soccer - FIFA World Cup 2014 - Quarter Final - Brazil v Colombia - Estadio Castelao

In fairness, having a giant bug land on your arm out of nowhere will do that to a ten-year-old.

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  1. Paulie says:

    Gay post.

  2. PaulieWasNeverHuggedAsAChild says:

    Spare a thought for poor Paulie. His life is so bereft of love, affection and happiness that he has to write homophobic comments on websites. He doesn’t even have the strength to come up with a witty comment through his tears.

    Paulie; you and people like you are the reason footballers feel unable to ‘come out’ to the general public and live their lives without fear of backlash and attack.

    Grow up.

  3. Trevor G. says:

    I’d wager you’ve never been part of a team, Paulie.
    David Luiz shows excellent sportsmanship when in reality he could be off celebrating his huge part in Brazil reaching the semi-finals at a home World Cup.
    This is what makes sport great. It would be fantastic to see more of it in football.

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