FIFA Announce Ten Players Nominated For 2014 World Cup ‘Golden Ball’ Award

Chris Wright

12th, July 2014


By Chris Wright

Announced via the World Cup matchball’s official Twitter account (yep), here are the ten names that make up the shortlist for the 2014 World Cup ‘Golden Ball’ award (i.e, the “Player of the Tournament” award, by any other name)…

As you can hopefully see, the two finalists unsurprisingly provide the majority of the nominees – Germany with four, followed by Argentina on three.

The winner will announced after Sunday’s final, so there’s still time for seven of the ten to further their respective claims.

Personally, we’d love to see it go to Philippe Lahm – though the German defender’s nigh-on mechanical routine flawlessness is almost certain to go unheeded again, as per.

Who’s your vote with, Pies fans? We’re thinking FIFA are going to go with James.

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  1. Mitchell says:

    Would of liked to see Neuer get nominated.

  2. Common Sense says:

    Nothing for Kuyt?

    Easily the most versatile, resilient, hard working and dependable player in the tournament.

    No other player in the tournament is capable of playing in defence, midfield and attack all within one game.

    I’m surprised van Gaal didn’t get him in gaol for the penalties as well!

  3. salim says:

    Damn, no goalkeeper whatsoever? No Neuer, No Ochoa?
    Come on FIFA, be serious…

    I think it should be James

  4. Jimjam says:

    Would have to go with Lahm too or Hummels, but like Common Sense, I think Kuyt should at the very least have been nominated, if not awarded the Golden Ball for being a ‘total footballer’.

  5. know it all says:

    Statistically speaking, Lahm as actually been the worst performer of the nominees, Stefan de Vrij and Vlaar have been better than him and some of the others who got the nomination (no, I’m not a netherlands supporter). Taking on account all of the performances so far on the World Cup, Messi is the best player in the tournament. But you can check it for yourselfs on who scored (again, no, I’m not affiliated to that site in any capacity.
    The more you know *queue NBC rainbow*

  6. know it all (again) says:

    And also, Ochoa has actually been just the 10th best keeper of the World Cup so far, he just had one really good game.
    *rainbow again and all that crap, who cares*

  7. Jamie says:

    Best keeper is a seperate award.

  8. Eike says:

    There is a separate award for goalkeepers with Neuer (Germany), Romero (Argentina) and Navas (Costa Rica) nominated. Ochoa is nowhere to be found, though..

  9. Bruno says:

    Messi ? Come on…

  10. Soccer Steve says:

    Mascherano is on there because of one slide tackle. Navas took Costa Rica further than they ever should have gone and he isn’t there. Is there anything FIFA doesn’t screw up?

  11. savage says:

    id say robben, when he wasnt on the ground he was played amazing

  12. Topzy says:

    Truely speaking,germany realing deserve it,but whẹre they put robbin v.persie in the nom…………abi he no deserve anything

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