FIFA Disband Anti-Racism Taskforce After Declaring Its Mission To Be ‘Completely Fulfilled’

Chris Wright

26th, September 2016



FIFA have disbanded their anti-racism taskforce after declaring the mission a complete success.

The taskforce was established by Sepp Blatter in 2013 and in just three short years has totally ended the blight of racism in football.

In a message written to members serving on the force, FIFA proudly announced that the group has “completely fulfilled its temporary mission” and as such “is hereby dissolved and no longer in operation.”

Strangely, former taskforce member (and prominent African journalist) Osasu Obayiuwana didn’t seem quite so certain about the whole thing:

I wish I could say that I am shocked by the decision, but unfortunately I am not.

The problem of racism in football remains a burning, very serious and topical one, which need continuous attention.

I personally think there remained a lot of very serious work for the task force to have done – the 2018 World Cup in Russia being one such matter.

But it is evident the FIFA administration takes a different position.

Obayiuwana also told the Guardian that the taskforce hadn’t met once under new chairman Constant Omari (head of the Congolese FA) since he took over from previous incumbent Jeffrey Web, who was replaced after pleading guilty to racketeering charges in 2015.

We never had a single meeting under his chairmanship. I wrote him, more than once, asking for when a meeting would be held.

But I never received a reply from him.

For what it’s worth, FIFA say they chose to dissolve the group on Friday on the basis that the work being done by members was already “exceeding the group’s recommendations” by virtue of the ‘Say No To Racism’ campaign and other such initiatives.

In short, everything is perfectly fine. You have no need to worry.

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  1. EDub says:

    LOL … I remember thinking, when Blatter left FIFA, that something would eventually change.

    But no, FIFA remains a joke.

  2. iEye says:

    Great news! Well done FIFA, well done you! Whats next? Maybe the rich/poor divide? How about famine?

  3. iEye says:

    How about, we, as a species with it’s back against the wall, disband FIFA, as it has “completely fulfilled its temporary mission”? We too, could say, “is hereby dissolved and no longer in operation.”

    I yearn for that day.

  4. Edward Gilmore says:

    Racist israhell is still a member of FIFA though 👎

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