Woeful World Cup Tie-In Tat: Australia Go Big With Tim Cahill-Themed Petrol Stations (Photo & Video)

Chris Wright

5th, June 2018

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There’s a World Cup less than a fortnight away and you know what that means: Corporations who hitherto hadn’t expressed any interest at all in football are holding  meeting after meeting, desperately trying to fathom ways in which they can shoehorn their brand into the equation and make a quick ruble or two.

In what we’re hoping will become a bit of a series throughout the 2018 tournament, Pies thought we’d root out (and chortle at) some of the more desperate attempts.

Indeed, we’re kicking off with a grand scale World Cup cash-grab from down under, courtesy of the company who currently sponsor Australia’s training kits.

Caltex have bestowed Socceroos legend Tim Cahill with the phenomenal honour of having five (count ’em, five) petrol stations clumsily renamed after him.

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A fitting doff of the cap to the Aussies’ all-time top goalscorer and veteran of 105 caps.

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(Many thanks to @JibbeyXD for the tip-off)

If you’ve spotted any laughably crap World Cup tie-ins (the crapper, the better!) then feel free to send them Pies’ way by email (waatpies@gmail.com) or on Twitter (@waatpies) and we may just feature them in this series.

Photographic evidence would be great too.

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1 Comment

  1. Jimmy says:

    Well as tacky and buisiness orientated as it is…its a positive to actually have an Australian company get in to the world cup spirit. Soccer is a growing sport here in oz and still lags behind footy cricket and rugby.

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