Hole Sale: Goal Net Used During Germany’s 7-1 Obliteration Of Brazil At 2014 World Cup To Be Auctioned Off For Charity

Chris Wright

8th, June 2018

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If you act quickly enough, there’s still a slim chance you will be able to purchase yourself a true piece of historical World Cup ephemera.

This is because one of the goal nets used during Germany’s 7-1 humiliation of Brazil in the semi-final of the 2014 World Cup is being cut up and auctioned off for charity.

The net is the very same that hung from the goal at the Mineirao Stadium in Belo Horizonte into which Germany stuck their first five goals (inside the first 30 minutes) of the semi-final.

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It has since been separated into 8,150 pieces which will all be sold off for a minimum of €71 (geddit?) to raise money for a number of Brazilian charities, social institutions and health and sport programmes – the hope being that at least €500,000 can be cobbled together overall.

Speaking to the AFP, stadium director Samuel Lloyd explained that, as well as raising funds, the plan was also designed to act as a form of catharsis for the people of Brazil:

The idea is to transform this traumatic incident that everyone would prefer to forget into something positive.

What better way to spend £60 of you hard-earned than by buying a small swatch of (heavily used) polyester holes?

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