Cristiano Ronaldo Makes Young Fan’s Day With Lovely Gesture As Portugal World Cup Bus About To Depart (Video)

Chris Wright

11th, June 2018

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Proving once again that he’s a jolly good sort when it really counts, Cristiano Ronaldo spared a few minutes of his life to make the day of a young Portugal fan outside the team’s World Cup hotel.

With the Selecao packed up and ready to roll out to wherever they were heading, the disembarkation was halted when a little lad and his mum came running over.

The youngster simply wanted to meet his idol and lo and behold, out of the bus clambered Ronaldo who shared a lovely wee moment with the teary-eyed urchin while he festooned him with a souvenir photo and a squiggle on his replica shirt…

Not a lot of graft on Ronaldo’s part, but with that extra effort he just made that kid’s day/week/year/life.

These things tend to have lasting effects.


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1 Comment

  1. Walter Eagle says:

    Er, correction.
    It wasn’t the ‘disembarkation’ that was halted. Surely, as they were still boarding before departure, it was the embarkation?
    Now, if you’d stopped them getting off the charabanc that would have been another thing altogether.

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