FIFA: 2026 World Cup Hosting Duties To Be Shared Between USA, Canada And Mexico

Chris Wright

13th, June 2018


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The votes are in and the 2026 World Cup hosts have been confirmed: the tournament will be a shared between the USA, Canada and Mexico.

The ‘United Bid’ received 134 votes at Wednesday’s FIFA Congress to comfortably elbow out the rival bid from Morocco, who only received 65 votes.

Upon hearing the news, Pies’ initial reaction was to harumph about the Yanks being given another World Cup in such quick succession – right up until we realised that USA ’94 was TWENTY FOUR FLIPPING YEARS AGO.

Tellingly, as part of their final presentation, Morocco were only able to promise FIFA a piffling profit of just $5billion for hosting the tournament in their country.

Meanwhile, the United Bid dangled $11billion in clear profit in front of FIFA’s piggy little eyes and, surprise, surprise, went onto emerge victorious.

To think it works any other way is frankly naive, hence: Qatar.

Oh well, time to dust off the ol’ Soccermeter again…

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  1. VieuxSang says:

    First off, this whole regional thing can only work on a smaller scale. The breadth of the US, never mind the breadth of North America, is not the quick jaunt up the trail that other mash-ups were. Russia’s criminally gotten bid is testing the limits of the same.
    Now Qatar…another badly gotten cup site, is a hot, nuclear blasted wasteland. What the hell. Mad Max comes to mind. (I am the goalkeeper of the wasteland!) No drop of beer, the populace without cheer.
    Who is next? Saudi Arabia / Sudan?

  2. milt_palacio says:

    1 a.m. kick-offs coming in. Better get those holidays in early, folks.
    Just kidding, we’ll probaby have a 96-team WC by then, with games starting every two hours for four weeks straight.

  3. Comfy Chair says:

    Fick FUFA.

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