World Cup: National Broadcasters Confirm Nearly 100% Of People Watching TV In Iceland Watched Opening Match Against Argentina

Chris Wright

18th, June 2018

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While it’s no secret that Iceland are one of the most fervently-supported teams at major tournaments, it would appear that the entire country is making a special effort for the World Cup.

According to data compiled by Iceland’s national broadcasting service RUV, they came within a mere fraction of absolutely every last person watching television in Iceland being tuned into their side’s hard-earned opening Group D draw against Argentina.

As per the RUV numbers, the highest viewership was measured at 14:54, which was the last minute of injury time, with the station’s share of the overall television national audience topping out at a whopping 99.6%.

This, in short, shows that almost everyone who was watching the TV in Iceland at this time was watching the game.

The remaining 0.4% presumably opting for whatever the Icelandic equivalent of ‘Homes Under Under The Hammer’ on the other channel.

RUV also confirmed that 60% of the overall population watched the match, up from the 58.8% that watched Iceland knock England out of the Euro 2016.

Not a bad effort. Not a bad effort at all.

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