Flat Out: Try Not To Panic, But The World Cup Might Be On The Brink Of A Major Beer Shortage

Chris Wright

20th, June 2018

By Jack Beresford

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The sun is shining, the World Cup is in full swing and the beer is flowing – but that might not be the case for long.

Pubs and bars across the UK and Europe are bracing themselves for a major beer crisis that could mess up proceedings in Russia even worse than VAR.

Worse still, the crisis could end up impacting the availability of certain meat products, meaning burgers could be off the menu at the World Cup too!

It’s all because of a shortage of CO2, the gas that carbonates the beer. Supplies are dwindling at a rapid rate in the wake of the World Cup and summertime weather.

Some breweries are even predicting production could grind to a halt as early as next week, in a development that could prompt crazed supermarket beer runs across the continent.

The problems began two months ago, after a planned shutdown of ammonia plants for maintenance work. C02 is a by-product of ammonia production, with plants like these serving as the primary source for the gas.

It got worse when further plants were closed as a result of “technical issues”.

CO2 plays a crucial role in the canning and bottling of beer and is also used in draft beer taps too.

The gas is also commonly used in slaughterhouses to stun and kill animals. So, no gas means no quarter-pounders or steaks.

Football fans probably won’t be too worried though.

As Jeff Goldblum says in Jurassic Park: “life finds a way” – even if that “way” involves drinking paint thinner to stay buzzed.

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