‘I Haven’t Missed A Second!’ – Dutch Football Fan Rents Apartment For Month So He Can Watch Entire World Cup In Peace

Chris Wright

26th, June 2018

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By Jack Beresford

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With 32 teams playing 64 matches lasting a minimum of 90 minutes each, you could forgive the average football fan for missing at least some of the World Cup action in Russia this summer.

Work, family, school and other pesky commitments can all get in the way of the football. We don’t like it anymore than you do, but that’s just how life goes sometimes.

However, one World Cup fanatic in the Netherlands has gone to extreme lengths to ensure he doesn’t miss a single second of World Cup action – and the Dutch didn’t even qualify!

Eager to remove himself from any and all possible distractions, Stein Spijkerman has rented out an entire flat for the sole purpose of watching the whole tournament in peace.

Just to seal the deal, he’s also booked the entire month off work.

Leased on a month-long contract, the apartment is pretty bare save for a bed, armchair, coffee machine and a wall-mounted flat-screen television.

Stein’s got a balcony too, if he ever fancies reminding himself that the outside world still exists during those infuriating breaks between games

Quite who he feels the need to hide away from is unclear, but he’s loving his new set up, even if he does appear to be watching all of the games on his lonesome.

“I haven’t missed a single second,” he told Voetbal International, delightedly.

Evidently enjoying his World Cup vacation, Stein still has another two weeks of football action to enjoy and the drama of the knockout phase.

He may be a modern day hermit, but that doesn’t mean we’re not incredibly jealous.

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