World Cup: Lionel Messi Shocks Argentinian Reporter By Revealing He’s Actually Wearing Good Luck Charm Given To Him Earlier In Tournament (Video)

Chris Wright

27th, June 2018


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As well as producing the goods against Nigeria last night, Lionel Messi proved himself a thoroughly decent chap while chatting to the Argentinian press after the final whistle.

The Albiceleste captain was collared in the mixed zone by Telefe Noticias reporter Rama Pantorotto, who asked if Messi remembered receiving a small good luck token from him earlier in the tournament.

The token in question was a red ribbon, imbued with good juju and given to Pantorotto by his wife before the World Cup.

Not only did Messi confirm that he remembered the gift, he also revealed that he was actually wearing it at that very moment…

As Ole report, Pantorotto handed Messi the ribbon after Argentina kicked off their World Cup campaign with a disappointing draw against Iceland – a game in which Messi missed a penalty.

While it must have misfired a little against Croatia in the next match, the charm obviously farted into action in time to spirit Messi on his way to inspiring his comrades to a vital win over Nigeria in their crunch Group D decider on Tuesday night.

If Argentina go on to win this outright, you now all know who to thank.

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  1. ChrsCan says:

    Not a very substantive error, but it wasn’t given by Pantorotto’s mother but by his wife (vieja, or ‘old lady’, being a term of enderment for the latter).

  2. ChrisCan says:

    Happy to be your resident Spanish expert in addition to referee gig you said you’d take me up on!

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