France 0-2 Mexico Aftermath: French Media Have A Field Day!

Chris Wright

18th, June 2010


By Chris Wright

As you may have picked up on already, the French did a bit of a lose against Mexico in the World Cup last night when they really should have done a win instead.

Ambivalent clown (and inexplicably France’s longest-serving coach ever) Raymond Domenech looked on indifferently from the sidelines all night, as his side slumped to a 2-0 defeat against El Tri and their magical trio of substitutes.

As you can probably imagine, the French media (who are not exactly renowned for their unwavering support of the national team) had a field day at Domenech’s – and his group of non-plussed players’ – expense.

Some of the headlines are works of art in their own right, so I felt it my duty to collect them all up in one place for your discerning eyes to peruse…

* * * * *


France’s biggest and most well-respected sports daily ran with the headline “Les Imposteurs” – which roughly translates as ‘The Imposters’.

Choice quotes from the utterly withering accompanying article read;

“This morning, France contemplates a field of ruins: its national team.”

“The ‘Je-m’en-foutisme’ [‘I-don’t-give-a-damn-ism’] is their flag, the only banner this team can carry together.”

“Let’s mock Raymond Domenech, so full of himself, overcome by his players’ egos.”

“Laugh about these major players Franck Ribery, William Gallas, Nicolas Anelka, who believe themselves so superior, and their arrogance.”

“Supported by a federation who should wear a headless chicken as a symbol, they deserve our indifference.”


“[France] were wiped clean by their Aztec conquerors.”

Le Parisien

“France humiliated by Mexico.”

Le Figaro

“France are a small team, very affected by defeat.”

Les Bleus simply fell to a team far stronger than them – a real team.”

“Raymond Domenech dies with his ideas.”

“He was right to take Anelka and Govou off, but it was all too late to avoid the pending massacre. For the rest what else can you say? Just guess work, mistakes and a waste of technique.”


“Shame on Les Bleus!


“France bought shame on their shirts.”

“Domenech’s reign is set to end in ridicule.”

* * * * *

Nothing like going out on a high, eh Raymond?

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  1. man utd _roony says:

    nj 1minut ste kisha ler frasce

  2. Montesquieu says:

    I absolutely cannot stand Domenach, much like Sven-Goran he seems to have the emotional range of a tea-spoon, and like Steve McClaren is incapable of a team that can play together.

    Domenach alone is the reason why France should not have been at this world cup, I guess the consolation comes in the fact that they will be out within a game.

  3. Karim Benzema says:

    Maybe Domenech should’ve taken me along?

  4. temjin says:

    “Supported by a federation who should wear a headless chicken as a symbol”
    L’equipe’s editorial staff should emmigrate en masse to Portugal. We need them. We only have bootlickers.

  5. Deckard says:

    I don’t really care what the headlines say, cuz all of them would be justified. I’ve totally had it with this French side. I kept watching their games cuz in my mind they were still a giant in football. But they lost all credibility with my now. I might watch their final game merely to see if they’ll get knocked out.

    Btw, Anelka has just been sent home. Got a feeling pretty much everyone is just dying to get the hell outta there and go home. There’s pure hate between the coach and certain players. Even a WC win wouldn’t mend that.

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