World Cup Photos: Argentina’s Infectious Joy

Paul Sorene

23rd, June 2010


Paul Sorene

WORLD Cup photos from June 22 matches – featuring a revolting France, a desperate South Africa, plucky South Korea, average Nigeria, soon-to-be-out Mexico, progressive Uruguay, moribund Greece and a joyous Argentina. Into the final 16 go Uruguay, South Korea, Mexico and Argentina. Do England deserve to be among them? On paper, yes – easily…


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Argentina's Martin Palermo (right) celebrates with team mate Leo Messi (left) after scoring their second goal.

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  1. spectator says:

    well i’m hoping for a draw between USA and algeria, so slovenia are gauraunteed to go through as they deserve to, being the only ones in the group to actually win a match so far. england and slovenia through is the ideal.

    i just want to see landycakes (who has the most annoying forehead in football) cry.

  2. yank says:

    well spectator, HOW DOES THAT TASTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. CeejayNightwing says:

    Seeing that the USA had a legitimate goal disallowed against Slovenia that would have won them the match as well as another perfectly legit goal disallowed against Algeria early in todays game. Yet they’ve STILL gone on to win and finish as group leaders, I think there’s no more deserving qualification than theirs!

  4. spectator says:

    well, not great, but i’m a neutral here so not that bad either. good luck against germany, you should do well. (that was irony, by the way, which germans don’t really have either)

  5. Deckard says:

    Great game coming up already in the 2nd round, Germany v England. Don’t think there’ll be too much concern regarding crowd trouble seeing I’ve noticed there hardly any German fans. But nevertheless, there’ll be a charged atmosphere surrounding the game for sure.

    Congrats to the Yanks, they were unlucky 4 years ago, and they got a pretty decent side. Also, they got 2 goals wrongfully called off for off-side in the group stage so they really earned it to go through. Now it’s Ghana, just like 4 years ago when they lost and effectively were knocked out, so time for revenge maybe? it’s gonna be a great game :D

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