World Cup Photos: Italy 2 -3 Slovakia

Paul Sorene

24th, June 2010


Paul Sorene

WORLD Cup in Pictures: Italy are beaten by 2-3 by Slovakia. Italy, the holders of the World Cup, are out. Fabio Capello is the last Italian in the World Cup. And right now, according to our swingometer, he’s 81% English…


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Slovakia's Martin Skrtel (center) celebrates on the pitch after the final whistle

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  1. spectator says:

    best match so far, howard webb is quite possibly the only good ref at the whole show.

    and didn’t italy (and lippi in particular) take it with the immense grace at their disposal?

  2. Deckard says:

    I don’t remember Refs names, but I’ve seen some good performances by other refs too. Especially in the first week, the refereeing was generally good.

    All I gotta say about this is: Hahahahahaha
    Italy have only themselves to blame. They have been absolutely pathetic this WC. I can’t remember seeing current holders play as unworthy champions. Only their final 20min against Slovakia did they finally play some football a team of that pedigree should. But too little and far too late. I won’t miss their anti-football ways anyway.

    Now it’s my team Holland vs Slovakia in the last 16. We’ll be weary but I think we’ll beat them in the end.

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