Qatar Will Host 2022 World Cup – Shame On FIFA

Ollie Irish

2nd, December 2010


By Ollie Irish


Qatar?! It’s glorious win for petro-dollars football. And for intolerance (homosexuality is illegal in Qatar, for example). Hurrah! … Tis a joke decision, frankly, and more proof that FIFA is a repulsive organisation – not so long ago, the Qatar bid was deemed “high risk”. So what happened?

The Australian and USA’s bid teams must be gutted – as gutted as England’s exemplary bid team.

We’re now all just waiting for Sepp Blatter to shuffle off. Then maybe FIFA can at last become the transparent, honourable organisation football needs it to be.

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  1. Baggees says:

    Yes that very famous footballing nation!! What a load of corrupt bollox FIFA is

  2. Mike says:

    12 Years ago, Qatar paid for Blatter’s election….Favour returned.

  3. Sleeba says:

    Qater? Do us a fifa! Wasn’t that ‘higher risk’ then Sepp?

  4. Ruben says:

    What a complete and utter joke, you have to give some sort of twisted respect to FIFA…they really do not care how blatantly obvious it is that they are a corrupt organization

  5. John says:

    disappointing, but not surprising. FIFA is about as corrupt an organization as anyone could imagine, so the one with the most money wins. In this case, FIFA decided to vote on 2 WCs at the same time – basically there’s some rich old guys looking to cash in before they retire.

  6. Carlos says:

    The biggest fix ever Russia and Qatar!
    If this doesnt say footballs all about money then what does!
    When will people wake up to this corrupt bunch.
    How much were the votes anyhow?

  7. Ted says:

    FIFA has never brought anything but shame onto footy, criminal organisation. Why would they have their HQ in Switzerland? EUFA too, they steal millions every year and put pennies back and still claim credit for their good works, sickening. I’d love to see someone push Blatter off the winners podium some day.

  8. paddy says:

    aussie here – fucking gutted. qatar has 1.6 million people for fucks sake. fuck you fuck you fuck you

  9. not surprised says:

    well atleast in 2026 the usa has to, and i mean has to get it. the concacaf federation would be the longest ever without a world cup and the only nations capable in cocacaf to host are mexico and the usa and since mexico hosted it like 2 times already then it will go to the usa

  10. paddy says:

    um “not surprised”, oceanic region would like a word with you.

  11. Andrew Thompson says:

    San Marino 2030!

  12. jojo says:

    the world is more than only the western countries. maybe some people forgot that.

  13. Tom says:

    I can’t believe this on a couple of reasons. 42 C in June…in the shade? Fifa would like to combat racism(homophobia/sexism could be grouped with racism as more of a “human rights” initiative) and yet they go for Qatar? The only thing I can believe is there is corruption at almost every level of organization, making the seemingly impossible happen before our eyes.

  14. Ted Balls says:

    Right after Faeroes 2026, of course.

  15. Ted Balls says:

    According to Wikipedia: average Qatar temperatures for June/July: 41-46 degrees centigrade.

  16. not surprised says:

    oceania? who is gonna host it, australia is in the asian federation so cant, will it be new zealand?

  17. JS. says:

    Would the Israeli team even be allowed to play in Qatar?

  18. Jimbo says:

    is there even a league there??

  19. jojo says:

    JS: don’t be afraid, Qatar and Israel are the biggest friends. Is that your only concern?

  20. Anonymous says:

    Roll on the FIFA investigations.

    Not too bothered about losing, Russia have never hosted the thing, and I personally don’t want our tax to go into the pockets of Blatter and Warner.

    Unlucky if you’re a lesbian who likes a drink and wearing the sort of clothes people should wear in 45 degrees heat.

    2022 is gonna be great, no booze, no fun, players not running because it’s too damn hot, no culture, lots of rich fat men with no passion for football in the stadiums, racism, slavery. Fun times!

  21. John Barnes says:

    Roll on the FIFA investigations.

    Not too bothered about losing, Russia have never hosted the thing, and I personally don’t want our tax to go into the pockets of Blatter and Warner.

    Unlucky if you’re a lesbian who likes a drink and wearing the sort of clothes people should wear in 45 degrees heat.

    2022 is gonna be great, no booze, no fun, players not running because it’s too damn hot, no culture, lots of rich fat men with no passion for football in the stadiums, racism, slavery. Fun times!

  22. mike says:

    FIFA = F*cked It For All…..what i pile of absolute…. Fifa is a joke. what is it it going to be in Qatar like 130 degrees. brown envelopes being passed around… maybe we should take heed and read the book. FOUL – the secret world of bribes and corruption in FIFA.
    Rant over

  23. Chimpo says:

    although i agree they managed to pick the two most briberific nations i would say that the 42 degree heat point is moot- they have designed stadia which are air conditioned at play-level and at seat level

  24. pieman says:

    i can think of a few things the third world needs more than large expensive airconditioned football grounds.

  25. georgian666 says:

    2026 solomon islands, 2030 north korea 2034 iran!

  26. Tom Jones says:

    Qatar were by far the best bidder. To all of you who are negative about it for various reasons please do your homework and you’ll find your reasons doesnt hold water. And to those who say it was fixed please consider suicide.

  27. JS. says:

    jojo, yeah pretty much actually, thanks for the answer.

  28. mike says:

    I can handle losing to Russia (just) but as for Qatar winning, to see the future of the world cup just watch Formula 1 next year and see what happens when sport sells its self ,beautiful stadia half full of ex pats.

  29. James says:

    Check the Free Journalism Index for all of the countries going for the two world cups against those that got it. Which two countries were bottom? That’s right, you guessed it!

  30. Andrew Thompson says:

    Apparently they can get the heat down to 28 degrees, that is still quite hot, and then plus the humidity will still be a huge boring factor for fans.

    And how are they going to train, I doubt they will have training centres for every team.

    To people that say it isnt a fix, do they not think its odd that England/Australia….the two favourites,arguably best bidders recieved 1 and 2 votes

  31. Josh the Yank says:

    Air conditioned stadiums, even if they DO work, will mean a shit load of energy goes into those. Qatar already has the highest output of Carbon Dioxide in the world, these air conditioned stadiums aren’t helping. Sepp Blatter is a crook and everyone knows it. Russia is less of a surprise, and would actually be the favorite if it wasn’t for England also being in the running. I’m gutted. Boston would have been a host city and i’m an hour out of it. Shame. Hope Sepp spends his bribe money well, say on like a round the clock team of security.

  32. Name: Mark says:

    The people of Middle east are crazy about Soccer. I am very happy for Qatar and the rest of the region. We need good news coming from that part of the world. I hope this inspires the youth of indulge in sports rather than violence.

  33. charles says:

    @ tom jones: explain.

  34. AussieSAm says:

    Gutted is an understatment. This is the biggest joke ever, people eill melt there, you cant drink on the street, there NOTHING to do except for watch the games, but thst 90 minutes in a day. This is definately hard to swallow but lets everyone know how corrupt fifa really is. I hope we beat qatar 10-0 in the asian cup cause, oh year their national team is also shit

  35. LazyRetiredGit says:

    Mad as hell at the BBC twats who aired their program about fifa corruption BEFORE the bid!

    Russian petromoney must feel very comfortable in the pockets of the officials

    But Qatar!!! There is only one town, no more history of football than a remote island in some ocean, ……. Air conditoned stadia – just what the environmentaly fucked up world needs

  36. LazyRetiredGit says:

    Think its time the worlds football organisations boycott fifa and their corrupt old gits

  37. LazyRetiredGit says:

    Where is the opportunity to investigate the fifa members, and particularly their bank accounts. NONE. And even if there were these old twats will be dead and gone before their corruption surfaces, if it ever does. Who are they accountable to? And if you were offered $10 million would you be bothered about having to resign?

  38. Anonymous says:

    Can’t wait to see a Brazilian bird in a bikini watching a game in Qatar… oh wait..

  39. This bid won on its potential. As an American, we shouldn’t be complaining. Our selling point was profit and FIFA wanted legacy. The first middle east World Cup has more legacy than another World Cup in the U.S. It’s the same reason England lost as well. Blatter wants to be known as a man of the people as false as that is.

  40. kkate says:

    ah well… this will be the worst world cup in history and the corrupt f**ks at fifa will be even more found out for their money driven ways.

    all in all, i am Australian and i dont have a problem with Australia loing. what does piss me off is the fact that QATAR won … and the result was known 2hours before it was announce.

    **isnt it strange that the media reported, qatar and russia had won; and, England and Australia went out in the first round**

    **ends sarcasm**

  41. Jose says:

    Sigh, oh well. As an American I can now say in the words of the NY Post, “This is a stupid sport anyway!”

  42. alex says:

    The World Cup is going from bad to worse: personally I thought the recent WC in S. Africa was tortursome. Face it, the 2018 WC in Russia will be even more shit. Mourinho was right when he said the Champions League was a more important competition.

  43. […] fall-out from FIFA’s decision to chase the World Cup Gaz-ruble/Petro-dollar has begun in earnest this morning, with the English media reacting with a flurry of archetypal, […]

  44. S-League Player says:

    Wtf. Bunch of money grabbing suits masquerading as custodians of the world’s game! You’ll get yours gentlemen, mark my words.

    I REALLY REALLY can’t wait to see how many players drop like flies in the 40+deg heat in 2022. Maybe they’ll have reversed global warming then and we’ll have a winter world cup?

    Qatar might still prove us wrong and deliver an exceptional world cup but the way they’ve gone about getting their oily mitts on the hosting rights will stain their “LEGACY” forever.

    Money talks: England should have saved the millions spent on the razzle dazzle and just spend it on the voters.

  45. David Macbeth says:

    @ Tom Jones

    Several Reasons why its a ridiculous idea to hose the World Cup in Qatar:

    1) Daytime summer temperatures of up to 50 degrees plus very high humidity. Even with these supposed cooled stadiums (which i am very dubious about)we are still talking very hot and still just as humid. This will lead to rubbish football played at walking pace. And of course- i’m sure all 32 participating countries will have their training grounds supplied with ‘3 metre high banks of cool air.’ Of course they wont- so training will be a nightmare. Just very impractical.

    2) Population of 1.2m. Half that of Wales! Even if they build these brilliant new stadiums, who is going to fill them?

    3) Slap bang in the middle of the middle east. Very nice target for any would-be Al Quaeda types dont you think? Huge security risk.

    4) Qatar’s national team is terrible. They have never qualified for a World Cup, yet they all of a sudden get to host one and qualify automatically. The country has absolutely no footballing pedigree not to mention the generally terrible atmospheres that we have seen in friendlies played in Qatar.

    5) It is illegal to drink alcohol in public and the only places that sell it are hotel bars- that will go down well with football supporters.

    6) It is illegal to be Jewish or gay in Qatar- there are Jewish and gay footballers (obviously). Should they stay at home or just risk being imprisoned? FIFA is aginst racism, homophobia and racism so lets give it to a country who has laws against certain races, religions and sexualities, not to mention has elements of Sharia law which is infamously anti-Women.

    7) The road network and infastructure in Qatar is outdated and insufficient for the current population due to its rapid increase. Major work is needed.

    8) After the World Cup, the country will have 12 world class stadiums which will be used for……?(answers on a postcard please) A country of Qatars size doesn’t really need 1 top class stadium, let alone 12- they will just be white elephants as domestic football in Qatar cannot even begin to fill them. Interestingly the total capacity of all 12 stadiums is likely to be more than half of the total population!

  46. Carlos says:

    We should put our money where our mouths are and boycott FIFA.
    We cant be the only country up in arms about the farce that is FIFA
    We should get together and start a breakaway association. Could have started one with the 3m spent on the bid.

    Wont happen I know but its good to rant!!!

  47. mike says:

    As English we are open to sour grapes concerning the 2018 world cup,but no such comment could be made concerning the 2022 decision ,to send the world cup to Qatar is unbelievably stupid,The bids from Australia and the USA where far superior ,As stated before what legacy can be left by 12 stadiums?

  48. yankmanc says:

    as a yank manc new yawka’ i would like to say FUUUCCCCCKKKKK YOOOOUUUU QATAR. my ass is staying home.. like even if england got it or the aussies got it it wouldnt be so bad… but me as a black boy in russia? not a good look. and drinking and women in qatar? fuck no! imagine of israel qualify? hahaha. oh fifa your just as bad as the mta.

  49. yankmanc says:

    note: brits NOW is the time when you air your investigative reports… go ahead do it i know you want to haha!

  50. zach says:

    Dissapointing, but not surprising for sure. $$$$ wins

  51. QueerAsFuß says:

    Well as someone Jewish and gay sucks to be me. I cannot understand how FIFA could possibly choose a nation that goes so against basic human rights and against their own respect all based projects. Extremely saddened.

    Delighted by the Russian win! Hope to be there!

  52. Aussie in UK says:

    Russia.. OK might put on a decent show, race issue and bribery issue very real. Pissed off England didn’t get it, home of football, best and most watched league in the world and some of the planets most recognised football grounds obviously counts for nothing!


    QATAR??? This smells dodgy deal going on!!! Let me give you my reasons why this tiny little peninsular the size of Lancashire doesn’t deserve the world cup!!

    1) The bloke who runs the country pushed his Dad off the throne in a bloodless coup while he was in France. His old man never came back to the country until 2004. Imagine if Prince Charles did that to the Queen???

    2) Air conditioned stadiums that are carbon neutral, floating stadiums and so on… Sounds a bit far fetched!! Why not make 2022 the year for stupid venues for Sporting events… Commonwealth Games in Nauru anyone?? How about Winter Olympics in Kuwait with “air conditioned” Stadiums and indoor ski slopes… seriously

    3) Shocking rights with migrant workers. Thousands of workers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Cambodia etc. are exploited and live in slums away from the glitz of the main city. Who’s going to build these white elephants… it’s not going to be the Qataris themselves they’re going to get more and more of these poor souls to exploit.

    4) Proposed stadium move to a poor country after the world cup… Great! Just what the people of Ethiopia etc need a floating stadium. Who’s going to do all the hard work to shift these stadiums… probably refer to point 3 again!

    5) Al Qaeda’s no doubt licking their lips! What better way to show how much they hate westerners by getting amongst a crowd of football loving westerners and well you can only guess what could happen!!

    6) Imagine if Israel qualify?? The team might be allowed to play, what about their fans… they will be the ultimate sitting duck for those on point 5

    7) No Alcohol. Qatar has very strict laws with alcohol consumption much to the disappointment of pretty every single football fan from the western world. Beer and football go hand in hand like fish and chips do.

    8) The Weather. I’ve been to Dubai at 50 degrees and wore a white t-shirt… let’s just say after about 1/2 hour walking around it was as if I was in a wet t-shirt comp. The stadiums might be “cool” with these make believe air conditioned stadiums but outside it’s going to be bloody hot and I haven’t even mentioned the desert storms which are far too frequent in that part of the world!! I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the players dies in the tournament. I hope it doesn’t happen but this is one of the risks I think FIFA never thought about.

    9) Women, put it simply you won’t be seeing any Brazilians et al in a skimpy g sting at the football much to the disappointment of every red blooded straight male. If you’re not disappointed about this point that then don’t go to Qatar in 2022 because gays are banned.

    10) Cost of accommodation, Qatar is not a budget destination, you’re looking at £120 a night minimum if you wish to go to the world cup. Start saving now!!

    11) Qatar only have 1 major city, Doha. The rest have very small populations, that in mind, no doubt some of the games are going to be hosted in cities with populations no bigger than Mount Isa in Australia or Wrexham in Wales. With that in mind, maybe the Welsh should host a world cup.

    In short maybe it’s time to set up a rebel organisation a la what happened with Cricket in the late 70’s or Rugby League in the mid 90’s???

  53. Anonymous says:

    aussie in uk you should have added a point 12 no one has ever mentioned on any blog tit flashers, and streekers i wonder what will happen them then again the ninjas might be able to face flash

  54. Qatari Maniac says:

    You Guys know nothing about Qatar and frankly thats just really sad that ure all bragging about a country that u dont know shit about.
    @ Aussi in Uk
    1- U know nothing about our Sheikh and what happened between him and his father, lets just say the little story u just made up was bullshit. And dont talk about our government, while ure government is ripping u off with all these ridiculous taxes!!
    2- SHOCKING RIGHTS FOR WORKERS.!! – U dont know how we treat our workers, they’re paid more than what they would earn in the UK if they worked there!! They dont even have to pay taxes for stupid stuff-__-!! they get weekends off just like any employee, they get free accomodation + free health care. WHAT DO U GIVE TO YOUR FOREIGN WORKERS??!
    3- Qatar is the 3rd richest country in the world ! this will be the greatest world cup in history.
    4- Would u just grow up, ure all just jelous cz qatar beat the shit out of u.! FACE IT WE WON GET OVER IT!!
    5- football players can’t play in the heat? what are they a bunch of 10 year old girls? proffesional football players are trained to play in all weather conditions!
    6- You’re right Alcohol is prohibited ! but we find that this is an amazing law, what has alcohol done in ure country? rather than increasing the chances of drunk driving and just having disgusting dirty drunk people all over the place.
    7- plz dont talk about the costs in qatar. really are u really from the UK? HAVE u seen ure prices??? its ridiculous. 25% of tax. truly no comment.


  55. The Eagle of Bahrain says:

    As you are all aware, Bahrain, the neibouring country of Qatar is having Unrest situation nowadays. The Bahrain government together with the Sauid & Qatari troops are using extreme force to crackdown the revolution by all means. The United Nations has just issued a detailed report condemning the Bahraini regime for crackingdown the innocent people. I would kindly request all of you to write to the FIFA asking them to re-review the Qatari file for hosting the FIFA world cup in 2022 in view of the Qatari involvement in the crackdown of the innocent Bahraini people. Dear all, please help me in delivering this message to the FIFA.

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