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Milan living legend bows out to the sound of jeers and whistles. He didn’t deserve this Paolo Maldini is the greatest defender of his generation, perhaps of all time. His career at Milan (he was a loyal, one-club man) spanned 24 years; Ryan Giggs would have to play at Man Utd for another six seasons […]

Hollers is back, and about time too “What I wanna do now is relationships. You see, the way I look at it, I almost had an affair… I ran off with another bird, didn’t I? Which was Leicester and she didn’t like me, she didn’t want me, she threw me out. And I’d say sorry […]

Win a DVD box-set!! Here’s Stevie G at the Cannes Festival, supporting old mate Neil Fitzmaurice (Ray Von in Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights). Fitzmaurice was in France to promote his new film, Charlie Noades RIP, while Stevie tagged along for the ride (or perhaps because he loves yachts). The best caption for this picture wins […]

The headline and story don’t quite fit Like many people, I made the mistake of clicking on’s tantalising story titled: “Man Utd to make signing of the century”. Was Messi heading for Old Trafford, I wondered? Or Kaka, or Ribery? Or a re-animated Duncan Edwards, even? I had to know… … Like many people, […]

I thought this would be more enjoyable Like many neutral fans, I really wanted Newcastle to go down – because I knew it would be very enjoyable to see such a “massive” (translation: deluded) club drop down to the Championship, where they would face ingnominious, reality-check trips to outposts like Doncaster, Plymouth and Swansea. And […]

Suits you, Sir (Alex) It’s a grey suit, get over it.

Close, Nando, but no cigar. No silverware either Mystic Torres looks into the future and sees Liverpool winning the Premier League. Not yet, amigo.

“I am not a man. I am Cantona.” Here’s the UK trailer for the new Ken Loach film, Looking For Eric. The film is the story of a depressed postman who is searching for a hero and finds one in the form of… Eric Cantona. Early reviews suggest it’s one of Loach’s most enjoyable movies in […]

It’s a f**king disgrace! 1. Surprise! Uefa has charged Didier Drogba and Jose Bosingwa for insulting the referee after Chelsea’s Champions League exit at the hands of Barcelona. Uefa has also initiated disciplinary proceedings against Chelsea. [@ BBC Sport] 2. The five worst Premier League signings of the season. [@ Soccerlens] 3. Six memorable moments […]


Who do you want to go down? And who do you think will go down? “Ah, I’ve made a right balls-up of this…” West Brom (definitely) and Boro (99% certain) are down, but which one from Newcastle Utd, Hull City and Sunderland will join them in the Championship next season? Vote after the jump…

British football’s greatest Houdini acts 1. West Bromwich Albion (2005) With the odds stacked massively against the Baggies, on the final day of the season they did the only thing they could and beat Portsmouth 2-0. Elsewhere, Crystal Palace drew with Charlton, while Norwich and Southampton both lost. West Brom became the first club to […]

Phone-in host at centre of new Hillsborough controversy This grinning buffoon is Steven Cohen, the host of World Soccer Daily (WSD). WSD is the most popular football phone-in radio show in the States. God knows why it’s popular - it features way too many adverts and lots of inane buddy chat, mostly with his hugley annoying […]

Fergie faces his biggest fear Nothing scares the hardest manager in the Premier League, except his assistant Mike Phelan popping a balloon.

Shame no one was there to see it Fantastic strike by Zanetti (who is no relation to Javier of Internazionale), but no Juventus fans saw it live - their league game at home against Atalanta on Sunday was played in front of closed doors, in the wake of alleged racial abuse of Inter’s Mario Balotelli. The […]

This hairstyle was all the rage in 1975 A perfectly executed combover by the former Abedeen & Scotland forward. Got any Panini classics for Pies? We need them. Email me with the details.

The best football links Thursday 21 May has ever seen LEGO Jenga! [@ B3TA] 1. The origins of cult football chants. Ooh Ah Cantona, say ooh ah Cantona! [@ Guardian] 2. A handy graph showing the progression of the 2008/09 Premier League title race. [@ Some People Are on the Pitch] 3. Some idiot’s Premier […]

The group of death? Michael Essien v Samuel Eto’o (Group E) Two giants of the game in Africa go head to head – but who’s the better player right now? Vote below…

Big Ron faces disciplinary action after this quick tug… “You pull my shirt, I pull your hair.” Fat Ronaldo is in not-very-hot water after he was caught pulling an opponent’s hair (Botafogo’s Fahel), while playing for Corinthians on Sunday. The incident brings back memories of Peter Crouch’s underhand hair pull at the 2006 World Cup.

Dirrrrty boys The list is based on fouls committed, which I concede is a flawed way of deciding which players are dirty. For example, there are no defenders on the list, because a) defenders are expected to make tackles, so referees are more lenient on them, and b) midfielders and forwards are simply not as […]

Sartorial excellence? Hmm, no Look at the fancy Gooners! They may be rubbish at winning silver, trophy-shaped things, but they’re at the cutting-egde when it comes to announcing their new kit, as this embedded video shows. (And I didn’t realise Arshavin was so much shorter than Fabregas.) We put up a leaked photo of the […]

Difficult-to-spell team wins last ever Uefa Cup final Shish-kebab Donertsk go down in the history books as the final team to lift the Uefa Cup (next season we get the Europa League, or Eurovision League as I will be calling it). The Ukraine side deservedly beat a Diego-less Werder Bremen, thanks to Rodrigues Jadson’s winner […]

Cult classic or travesty? Well, it’s, er, different – I’ll say that for Bolton’s new home shirt, which has already been dubbed the “barcode” kit. What do you think of it? Vote below…

Guess which player has been confirmed as a definite starter for United in Rome Fergie revealed today the first name in his starting XI against Barcelona on 27 May. Who do you think could be? Answer after the jump…

Mmm-hmm, that is a tasty burger As spotted by ITV’s Clive Tyldesley, I think, during the commentary on one of Arsenal’s Champions League matches this season. More Shit Lookalikes