Snapshot: AC Milan Fans Say Awfully Rude Things About Berlusconi & The Queen

Chris Wright

16th, February 2012


By Chris Wright

Like many, Pies were perplexed when this banner featuring Silvio Berlusconi and The Queen cropped up during Milan’s mauling of Arsenal at the San Siro last night as our Italian is nowhere near as fluent as our near-flawless Swahili…

Following a bit of painstaking research, we unearthed the shocking truth of the matter.

After literally hours and hours of spent probing Google Translate, we discovered that ‘Si’ apparently means ‘yes’ and that ‘anche la’ means ‘even the’. We also have it on good authority that ‘tromba’ means ‘to rodger Her Majesty’ in Italian – hence the picture of the trombone/trumpet.

“Yes, Berlusconi even shagged the Queen!”

The dirty devils.

First we’d heard, though we must admit we’re not surprised. Our Liz is a game old bird and we’ve heard all kinds of rumours about what goes on at ‘Bunga Bungkingham Palace’ when Prince Philip is out shooting unicorns at Balmoral.