What Matches are Upcoming for the Premier League?

James Mayhew

1st, August 2023

The Premier League is no doubt one of the hottest events of the year for football lovers, but if you can’t quite wait to see how things unfold, we’ve outlined some of the main things you need to know about the upcoming matches as follows to help.

Hopefully, this should allow you to find out a little more about the Premier League and all the exciting games going on. So, whether you’re looking to give Lottoland football betting a try or if you’re simply a fan of the game, being aware of the upcoming matches can help you find the right one for you.

What Matches are Upcoming for the Premier League?

There are numerous matches upcoming for the Premier League, and keeping these in mind could help you work out which to go to (and which to avoid).

Of course, this is a personal decision, so there’s no way to specifically state what the final result might be. Still, the following matches are undoubtedly likely to draw large crowds (and these are just a few of the events on offer).

11th of August – Burnley vs Man City

As the first option for upcoming Premier League matches, Burnley vs Man City might not quite see eye to eye, with the latter holding an exceptionally high record over their rival.

Indeed, with twenty matches in total, Manchester City have won a whopping 16 – with only three matches being a draw and Burnley winning just a single match. Can they change it this time?

12th of August – Numerous

If you’re looking for an exciting day packed with Premier League matches, the 12th of August might be just the option. Indeed, with a total of six events on a single day, this is definitely set to become one of the busiest days of the Premier League. Matches include:

  • Arsenal vs Nottingham Forest
  • Bournemouth vs West Ham
  • Brighton vs Luton
  • Everton vs Fulham
  • Sheffield United vs Crystal Palac
  • Newcastle vs Aston Villa

Kick-offs vary between 12:30PM and 5:30PM. As such, there’s something for most of the day if you’re a football enthusiast! Perhaps the most hotly anticipated match will be Newcastle vs Aston Villa; over fifty games have been played of this pairing, and though Newcastle wins by a long shot, Aston Villa have historically stood up to them occasionally.

13th of August – Two Matches

For the 13th of August, two exciting matches have been announced. These include Chelsea vs Liverpool (which has seen 79 matches played worldwide) and Brentwood vs Spurs.

14th of August – Manchester United vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

Kicking off late in the day at 8PM, the match between Manchester United and Wolverhampton Wolves is set to be a pretty intense game – although historical numbers suggest that the former holds a very strong dominance over the field overall.

In total, of 24 games played in total, Man Utd won the majority at 15; this compared to four draws and five wins significantly. As such, we’ll be watching with great interest to see if they can continue to achieve such impressive results on the day,

18th of August – Nottingham Forest vs Sheffield United

As another big event, the Nottingham Forest vs Sheffield United match is sure to bring a huge amount of excitement for fans on either side. Even more interestingly, the two teams are roughly comparable on scores alone against one another, meaning it’s all to play for!

Unknown Matches

At this point, we’ve looked at some of the hottest and most anticipated upcoming matches for the Premier League. But did you know that there are two more matches that are still in the “To Be Confirmed” stage of planning?

These matches are Luton vs Burnley and Man City vs Brentford. In terms of likely results, though, things are a little hard to predict; for example,

Luton and Burnley have only played each other twice, resulting in an away win for Burnley and a draw. Meanwhile, for Man City vs Brentford, the results are two wins a piece; therefore, these two could be evenly matched.

Final Thoughts

If you have been awaiting the Premier League with eagerness, knowing about the different matches being held can help. After all, in many cases, finding a game in your local area can really provide a whole new type of experience. As a result, considering some of the upcoming matches we’ve seen today could definitely help you find the ideal opportunities for your own football matches.





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