Moaning Michael Ballack: I can’t afford a nice house


14th, September 2006


Chelsea star Michael Ballack has told The Daily Star that he can’t afford his dream home in London because house prices are too high. The German is believed to have set his heart on a six-bedroom home
with a swimming pool, either in London or near Chelsea’s training ground in
Cobham, Surrey. But after being told it would cost him around £4million, he settled for renting instead.

Ballack said: ‘London is extremely expensive. It’s better to rent. My family and I have found a house in Wimbledon.’

Michael, I sympathise. It must be hard to find a decent gaff when you’re on £130,000 a week. Twat.

Ballack also had a whinge about the number of speed cameras on British
roads, but he added: ‘Luckily I have found out where they all are near

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  1. joe says:

    I’m a Chelsea supporter and I have to say this is their one signing I’m already beginning to regret. Jose Mourinho has done very well so far at keeping egos in check at Chelsea but Ballack seems to be the kind of whining little shit who could change all that. He hasn’t really impressed on the field yet and seems to be all to ready to open his mouth and say stupid things off it. Whats he need a 6-bedroom house for??? Does he have 6 kids?

  2. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    Teams full of superstars never work and never will – big egos don’t like mixing it with other big egos

  3. chris says:

    Agree with him about the speed cameras though.

  4. stephany says:

    you jerks, don’t start complaining, he’s got 3 kids. besides there are other football players that have got really big egos, and buy houses that are more than 4 million pounds

  5. azmi says:

    i like you so much. you seems to be kind of whining little shit who could change all that.and i agree with you about cameras though.i hope you can do the best…

  6. nina says:

    well i suppose the houses in germany r not as deer but he is i wee bit stupid complain cause he can buy a six bedroom town house and could have a paddling pool.he is a good footballer though and very hot!!!!!!

  7. nbbd says:

    Ballack can do that cos he’s got the right to do so. If u think about it, if u were brought up in the slums of East Germany and had to collect papers n bottles to earn money to hlp ur parents, when u finally made ur way to the top all becuase of ur god given talent, wouldn’t u want the best? Hes known for his quite attitude to the celebrity lifestyle n compared to other shitheads (nt mentioning any bt mst of em are from man u(who i h8 more than anything) and Ballack never did any of the crap or got wrapped up in it. he shudn’t have said the thing bout the houses being too expensive, but he was prob pushed into it. but hes a great player n ppl respect him for his attitude… hes got a family to think about not like the bloody potato rooney’s of the world who jst have 1 stupid fiancee n need a 20 bedroom house or p diddy singing at ur party!!

  8. LOW says:

    There were no slums in east germany.

  9. heykal mohammed says:

    I think ballack has a right to talk about what he thinks when asked thats why beckham is not good for victory,BALLACK about victoria ballack.