Real Madrid v Chelsea cat-fight – let the bitching begin

Ollie Irish

5th, October 2006


Dcalderon130906_2Chelsea must be about as popular in Spain as a David Healy hat-trick. Apparently not content with their on-going feud with Barcelona, the Blues have now found themselves in a battle of bitchy press statements with Real Madrid.

The argument stems from claims made by Real president Ramon Calderon that Chelsea’s spending was ruining football by over-inflating transfer fees (sounds like stating the obvious to me). Chelsea’s director of communications, Simon Greenberg, couldn’t wait to get his claws out. He said: "We run ourselves as much as we can as a plc and we are completely transparent about our accounts – which is something that cannot be said for many top European clubs, including, I would say, Real Madrid."

I reckon fate will probably deal up a Champions League meeting between the two clubs.

[Rob Parker]

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  1. OmegaSupremeho says:

    Real, like Manu in England have dominated for many a year by having a big fat juicy cheque book. So now they’re getting a taste of their own medicine and they complain.

  2. joe says:

    This is just a case of top teams that had a chokehold on all the top talent who are now pissed that someone has dared to plunk down competing bids on big players. Does anyone besides Man U and Arse fans want to go back to the days when you can be GUARENTEED that either Roy Keane or Patrick Vieira will be hoisting the cup? If Robben and Essien had both been signed by Man United (as they would have had it not been for RA’s rubles) would there be any point to even watching the matches? The race would be over in February. Its also interesting that this criticism that comes from the Real camp. I didn’t hear anyone complaining when they were signing galacticos at 40 million a pop.

  3. Rob P says:

    Very true, fellas. Senor Calderon is probably grumpy at Real’s lack of trophies.