What forum posters are saying about… Owen Hargreaves

Ollie Irish

16th, August 2006


Here’s what posters to various football forums are saying about Owen Hargreaves, a reported target for Man Utd. (With all spelling mistakes, bias, bile etc. left in)

‘He runs a lot, has a fair bit of ‘nuisance’ value, and has ‘a good
engine’. He has little skill, can’t shoot, doesn’t head the ball, is
not fast, can’t cross, doesn’t score goals, can’t dribble, doesn’t make
incisive passes, can’t play long balls and doesn’y have a lot of
composure on the ball’
ChubbyOne on BBC Sport

‘I dont see why Owen Hargreaves would give up a regular starting spot in
a major European Club, regulary in the Champions League to move to a
small club whose european football this year will be taking Ryanair
flights to play teams in the most obscure areas of eastern europe.’
Mikey on Football365

‘after so long hating Hargreaves i have
seen the light, he really is fantastic at what he does and i would love
him at Utd. It would free up the rest of the midfiled to do as they
wish. If we got rid of Ronaldo id love to see Downing, Carrick, Hargreaves and Lennon filling out our midfield. English boys to take us to the title.’
randomlegend on PESFan