Premium TV websites: bane of the football blogger

Ollie Irish

4th, December 2006


Fergie_1As stressful jobs go, I imagine football blogger is not particularly high on the experts’ lists. There is not a great deal to get wound up about. Tucked safely behind our monitors – out of the radius of a Sir Alex Ferguson hairdryer tongue-lashing – we can snipe and ridicule without too much fear of the consequences!

Premium TV websites: bane of the football blogger continued

So scraping the barrel though it may be, my new pet hate is the Premium TV websites seemingly favoured by most clubs.  While this might (quite rightly) seem slightly trivial to any readers responsible for keeping drunken yobs in order on a Saturday night or convincing a 14-year-old with behavioural problems that learning algebra really is better than working towards his ASBO, they are very annoying!

Just because I want to look at pictures from Portsmouth‘s match at the weekend or see if there is any interesting interviews on the Bolton website, doesn’t mean I want to pledge my everlasting allegiance to every club in the Premier League with all the weekly email updates that entails! Full marks to clubs like Arsenal and Charlton for doing their own thing.

Feel free to add your own internet football moans, qualms and concerns as a comment. It’s good to get them off your chest!

[Rob Parker]