HolloWatch: Ian Holloway is still Swiss Toni

Ollie Irish

5th, December 2006

Olly_2Plymouth boss and all-round legend Ian Holloway will go down in football folklore for his zany outbursts. His most famous (or should that be infamous?) moment in front of the microphone to date is, of course, his Swiss Toni-style speech.

Olly seems to be taking the Swiss Toni link a bit too far though. He appears to be using his BBC column as a front for a motor trading business! Having previously expressed an interest in purchasing a VW Beetle, Olly has now been contacted by a reader looking to offload his car.

Holloway responded: "Yes I do [fancy buying it]. What colour is it? Have the seals gone, does the heater work and how much do you want for it? I’d be interested as long as you’re not going to rip me off! I also want to get my wife a lovely camper van, so if anyone out there knows of one for sale, let me know."

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