Brazilian keeper scalded by the Maracana’s showers

Ollie Irish

16th, August 2006

This has to be my favourite football story of the week [Via Guardian Unltd]:

Botafogo goalkeeper Lopes has been sidelined for at least a month after being scalded in
the showers at the famous Maracana stadium. Lopes said the players had gone into the showers after last
Sunday’s game against Palmeiras but could not get the hot water
to work.

‘Suddenly, a jet of boiling water came directly at my face
and I couldn’t get out of the way,’ he told the club’s official website. Team doctor Marcio Cunha said the player suffered
second-degree burns and would have to avoid exposure to the sun
for 30 to 40 days. Lopes said he had authorised Botafogo to take legal action
against the Rio de Janeiro state government, which owns the
offending stadium.

You have to laugh. I feel a Top 10 Bizarre Football Injuries coming on. Watch this space (the picture is of the Botafogo’s pissing mascot, btw)…


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