Fantasy Friday: week 1

Ollie Irish

25th, August 2006

So, it’s the end of the first week of hot Premier League action, and the Pies Fantasy League is alive with the sound of cheering (James and Jez), grumbling (Ashley) and hasty transfer-making. Click below to see how the table stands & feel free to comment/blag the hell out of fellow managers.

Fantasy Friday: week 1 continued…

So the first ever Pies league table looks like this:

1st= Onimans Legends (James Sanders) 26 points
1st= Villa Rourke Fc (Jez Rourke) 26
3rd Modbury Juniors (Ollie Irish) 25
4th= Scrumpy Rovers (Simon Fryett) 23
4th= Gimmervision (Mof Gimmers) 23
6th Houssemayne FC (Jan du Boulay) 22
7th Tanghall Tykes (Matt Douthwaite) 20
8th Where Was Dean Ashton? (Tommy W) 18
9th Felixs X1 (Felix Winstone) 17
10th= West Country All-Stars (Ben Farrell) 15
10th= Big Bunch of Lewsers (Lewis White) 15
12th Pauper For Manse (Rob Parker) 13
13th= Strictly Badmanism (Matt Maxwell) 11
13th= Dynamo George Vader (Rob Williams) 11
15th Abney Park Rangers (Ashley Norris) 4
16th Dial Square (Nicholas Sowemimo) 0

Well done to James and Jez (the Martin O’Neill factor) for topping the table; not so well done to Nicholas (nil points) and Ashley (very poor, Ash).

Just to remind you:

1) There will be prizes for the top three managers in this league after the first month of fantasy action. (Some of the prizes will be good, some will be a bit crap.)

2) You can now make up to 3 transfers in your team, until lunchtime tomorrow. I see league leader James has already ditched master Rooney, out for next two games, and brought in Saha – a wise move.


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