The circus has packed up – now the real football can begin…

Ollie Irish

10th, July 2006

World Cups always outstay their welcome, especially since the number of participating teams was upped to 32. The group stages are always great (three games in one day = nirvana), but after that the tournament fizzles out. Who really could be bothered to watch Germany v Portugal for FIFA’s coveted bronze medal? (Okay, I admit I watched a bit of it in the pub.)

In the final days of Germany 06 I longed for the start of the wonderful soap opera that is the English league season. So many questions need to be answered: Who’ll have a World Cup hangover? Which of the also-rans will top the league for one glorious Saturday before Chelsea’s Sunday game (my money’s on West Ham, btw)? Which foreign player will be the first to be seen wearing gloves? Has Jose Mourinho bought himself a new coat in the summer sales? Bring it on…

Ollie Irish

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