Noel Gallagher offered Paolo Maldini ‘£150,000 a week’ to play for his beloved Man City


18th, September 2006

Great rock ‘n’ roll story in The Mirror about how Oasis star Noel Gallagher met Paolo Maldini at a party and drunkenly offered the Italian legend £7.8m a year(!@*!!!) if he’d come and play for Manchester City. Noel told the Mirror: ‘I said to him in a drunken ramble if he promised to play for City I would personally give him £150,000 a week… my manager rang me to tell me he thought I meant it. I had to say to phone him and say I didn’t.’

It’s not the first time Noel has tried to tempt an Italian footballer to wear the sky blue.
Earlier this year he told his mate Alessandro Del Piero he would love
him at City.

I’m trying deperately to come up with a suitable pun here, but can’t… any ideas?

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