Marco Materazzi to release ‘What I Actually Told Zidane’ book

Ollie Irish

9th, October 2006

Zidane_7Marco Materazzi is writing a joke book entitled What I Actually Told Zidane. The book will contain 249 possible insults to provoke Zinedine Zidane – including what Materazzi claims is the real one – of varying degrees of humour.

Suggested insults apparently include: "Zidane, what are you doing? You haven’t lost yet and already you’ve ripped your hair out," and: "Since Foucault died, French philosophy has sucked." Hmm. In case you have just lost whatever small amount of respect you had for Materazzi, the book is to raise money for Unicef rather than the Marco Materazzi Retirement Fund.

Materazzi’s Nike commercial

[Rob Parker] 

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