Halftime singers arrested and fined after abusing Barnsley fans


19th, October 2006


Our favourite story from last weekend – and one I’ve been meaning to post all week – has to be the tale of the teenage twins hired to provide halftime entertainment at Hillsborough during Sheffield Wednesday against Barnsley.

Francine and Nicola Gleadall, from Sheffield, made obscene gestures and
swore at Barnsley supporters after performing their debut
single – a cover of Slade’s ‘Cum on Feel the Noize’
– at halftime.

The 18-year-old twins (their band is called TWIN,
btw – genius) then spent two hours
at a police station and were each fined 60 quid. A spokesman for the
singers said they had been ‘intimidated’ after being jeered by a
section of Barnsley fans. The incident prompted Sheffield Wednesday to
issue a
statement ‘apologising unreservedly’ for any offence caused.

An eyewitness told The Mirror: ‘Nic told the Barnsley supporters to "fuck off" and put up the V sign. They went wild, which caused the
Wednesday fans to taunt them even more.’ Brilliant. Enjoy your 15 minutes girls.

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  1. Bryn Davies says:

    I was at the match as a Sheffield Wednesday fan and was delighted to hear that the ‘Twins’ were arrested afterwards. However I believe that they were arrested for the wrong reason. Claiming that they had been ‘intimidated’ by Barnsley fans is absolute rubbish. As it was announced that they were from Sheffield caused understandable boos from the Barnley fans which was to be fully expected, but they went on to give the V sign throughout the performance and shout insults at the Barnsley end. This was the most entertaining bit of the performance though, as they went on to sing a cover version of a crap song, and were miming the whole thing! They should have been imprisoned for the whole ‘performance’ so that other fans watching football dont have to go through the same pain that almost 30,000 of us had to at Hillsborough on Saturday!

  2. Ollie, Pies Ed. says:

    Thanks for the inside report Bryn – sounds like they should be locked up for crimes against music!