HolloWatch: Ian’s making an arse of himself


20th, October 2006


More pearls of Hollo wisdom can be found in his latest column for BBC Sport. Our favourite this week:

‘I sent someone down to the joke shop to see if they
could find a false bum, cut a hole in a pair of club shorts and stuck
the plastic one in there. I told the players: "I heard a horrible rumour that I
made an arse of myself last week" and then turned around to show them
my new bottom. The lads thought it was hilarious but if we hadn’t found
the plastic one there’s no way I would have done it with my own
backside – no-one wants to see that!’

You’re right Olly, no-one wants to see that – although a Google image search did reveal this cheeky pic of Ian, so he’s clearly comfortable in his own skin.