Five football raid jokes


18th, July 2007

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_40714587_boumpa.jpgAs you might imagine, since the raids on Newcastle, Rangers and Portsmouth the forums and blogs have been buzzing with jokes at their expense. Here is just a small selection. Feel free to add your own as a comment.
1 Anti-corruption police have raided Newcastle United. Apparently the Magpies have no defence.

2 Police were called to Portsmouth after someone broke into their trophy cabinet. They are now looking for a stolen blue carpet.
3 Rumour has it police raided Newcastle, Rangers and Portsmouth looking for footballers, but left empty-handed.
4 Fraud investigators have raided Rangers. The Glasgow club could be prosecuted under the Trade Descriptions Act for falsely claiming to be a serious challenge to Celtic.
5 Apparently, Portsmouth and Newcastle are also under investigation by the Inland Revenue for tax evasion. Both clubs have been claiming for silver polish for the past 30 years.