How tough guy Sean Bean reduced Neil Warnock’s family to tears


31st, July 2007


BeanSean.JPGNeil Warnock quit as Sheffield United manager after Hollywood actor Sean Bean launched a foul-mouthed attack on him and his family, he has claimed today. Warnock claims a drunk Bean, who is a Blades director, reduced his wife and five-year-old son to tears.
He said: “Twenty minutes or so after the game had ended, Sharon and William were sitting in my office when the film actor, Sean Bean, who is a Sheffield United board director, burst in with his girlfriend. He was obviously the worse for wear. He wanted to know where I was. Sharon told him I was doing a Press conference and I’d be back soon.
“So Sean Bean started swearing at her and my five-year-old son. ‘It’s your f****** husband that got us relegated,’ he said, pointing at her. ‘He’s a f****** w*****’. That’s Sean Bean, the tough guy actor. Some kind of tough guy, eh, reducing a five-year-old kid and his mum to tears.”

He added: ““If that incident hadn’t happened maybe I’d still be Sheffield United manager today. But it made me realise what certain people at the club were saying about me behind my back.” [Via The Sun]