New Holland 2012 Away Kit Released – Lethally Black And Oranje (Photos)

Chris Wright

24th, February 2012


By Chris Wright

“Now my nipple chaffing is a thing of yesterday!”

With Euro 2012 beginning to crown in the near future’s rapidly dilating birth canal, the new kits are coming thick and fast. With both England and France already rolling out their respective new togs yesterday, Holland have followed suit and launched a new away strip for the finals.

Made from 13 plastic bottles and 96% recycled polyester apiece and now 23% lighter than it was four years ago, the new kit is a nifty black (which apparently denotes both ‘authority and a lethal approach to the game’) and orange/Oranje affair.

As always, we’ve got some photos of the blighter…


Training range…

What say you Pies’ peeps? Yay or nay?