Bulgarian fan tries to legally change name to ‘Manchester United’

Ollie Irish

1st, March 2007

For the past two years, Bulgarian Man Yoo fan Marin Levidzhev (that’s not him) has been fighting in his country’s courts to have his name legally changed to ‘Manchester United’. Magistrates in Bulgaria have just ruled that he can call himself Manchester Levidzhev but not Manchester United. Which kind of defeats the object. Can he call himself Marin United though?

Levidhev plans on appealing the decision to a higher court: ‘I feel as if I am only at the half-time break.’ he said. ‘I won’t
feel right until I get all my name changed to Manchester United… I love the club. It’s my whole life and I want my name to reflect that.’

Bloody nutter. [Via The Offside]

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