HolloWatch: Ian Holloway’s BBC column returns (and the fun begins)!

Ollie Irish

17th, August 2007

Ian Holloway’s outstanding BBC column is back in action this week. The Plymouth Argyle boss has been mulling over his start to the season, Roy Keane, Wayne Rooney’s boots, Sven and the Euromillions jackpot winner. You may be aware that Pies loves Ollie nearly as passionately as Landon Donovan loves David Beckham. And he is excelling himself even at this early stage in the season.
Holloway is renowned for his rambling extended metaphors, but his latest one is so extended that it started last season! He said: “Last year I said I was like a bad teabag – because I didn’t stay in the cup very long – but we’re tasting a little bit nicer now – you can’t see the bottom of the cup anymore, you can definitely see there’s tea in there.”
What is the guy on (apart from tea, obviously)? We love you, Ollie.

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