HolloWatch: Ian Holloway has a book out!

Ollie Irish

24th, September 2007

Great news, HolloWatch fans. Ian Holloway’s autobiagraphy, Ollie, is in the shops now! A whole book full of the Plymouth boss’ perculiar ramblings, mixed metaphors and wonderfully eccentric turn-of-phrase. The book apparently contains the chapter titles: ‘Ollie and the Chocolate Factory’, ‘Double Ham & Eggs’, ‘Marvin Hagler’s Eyes’, ‘Bring on Los Galacticos’.
And does he have a suitable finale to his work? Vintage Ollie, of course. He signs off: “‘Now, as the great Robert Shaw once said while portraying Quint in Jaws: “Farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies…”’
Click here to buy Ollie’s book from Amazon.

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